We have been practicing in Bedford more than 30 years and between us have over 65 years experience.



Often, we take our bodies for granted until something hurts, but prevention is always better than cure. So, as well as being here when something goes wrong, our aim is always to help each patient achieve and maintain the best health and sense of wellbeing that they can.


We can help you assess your home and work life and provide you with advice which might prevent the recurrence or severity of your symptoms - sometimes a few minor changes can make a major difference.

Everybody and every body is individual – that’s why we don’t just treat the symptoms, we treat the person.



We can help with…


Back pain - perhaps you sit in a poor chair at work


Knee pain - sometimes the wrong shoes or a problem with your back or hip can lead to knee pain


Arthritic pain - even symptoms from wear and tear can be managed and helped


Arm pain - might be a tennis elbow or referred from your neck


SPD/PGP - pregnancy back ache is not necessarily compulsory and can often be helped


Neck pain - your work position or computer might be responsible.  Day to day stresses can be helped


Migraine headache - perhaps your headache is due to tight neck muscles or balance issues



We treat everyone from the very young to the vintage, and our patients range from new-borns to ninety-year olds. 


Babies and children - We have great experience in treating babies and children. Joanna holds a specialist diploma in paediatric osteopathy.


Pregnant women - we can help the body adjust to the varying strains of pregnancy .  


The sporty - both Jo and Joanna can advise regarding strapping and rehabilitation.



Osteopathy is a hands-on treatment which focuses on the whole body and the way in which bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue all work together. It combines anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical methods of investigation.



Cranial osteopathy is a gentle type of treatment which often helps to release stress and tension held in the body.  It uses subtle manual pressure to relieve mechanical tensions in many areas of the body including the head.

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