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BOP has treated most of my family aged between 6 weeks and 87 years. We wouldn’t be mobile without them!



“I have a long standing back and neck problem caused by a combination of a bad car accident some years ago where I broke every bone on one side of my body, being taller than average and getting old! Quite simply Joanna keeps me going and enables me to lead a relatively healthy life style. I suspect I would have had to have given up work by now if it was not for her. You also get much more from her than simple treatment, advice on self-help, exercise and lifestyle but not rammed down your throat. As my accident was nearly 30 years ago I have a lot of experience of Osteopaths, Chiropractors etc. but Joanna is the one I have stayed with and will continue to do so “



"I was a nurse and midwife for many years and like many of my colleagues developed back problems. Eventually I wound up flat on my back for a week. Someone recommended that I should visit Joanna and she got me mobile again. For a number of years since then I have seen her regularly — every 4 weeks or so. I am sure that this has helped to keep me mobile and active."



"I have found treatment at the osteopaths in York Street wonderful. As a musician and teacher and in recent years playing for 7 hours a day meant stiff muscles in my shoulder, back and neck. The pain was terrible and at times I could hardly move. The treatments have meant I am now pain free and can continue working happily. My G P referred me in the first instance as an alternative to taking strong painkillers and I haven't looked back since."



"A few years ago I developed a severe pain in my right shoulder, which was making it difficult to use my right arm, and in particular to drive. It turned out that the steering wheel in my car was offset about 3½ inches to the left of the centre of the driver’s seat. It was this constant reaching to the left which had caused the problem. I went to see Joanna who not only sorted out my problem but also gave me a very helpful General Osteopathic Council leaflet on how to assess the driving position in your car and how to set it up properly.  Since then I have seen her (and Jo) on a number of occasions and always found the treatment to be beneficial."



"I have been treated by Joanna Hyne since I came to Bedford in 1985 and I hasten to add that this has been for a variety of conditions including neck pain and severe lower back pain. The latter resulted in spinal surgery but whilst waiting for this my mobility was maintained and pain minimised by having regular treatments. Following this surgery I had a specific issue with my foot. On this occasion I was treated by Jo Bowyer, as she was considered to be the best Osteopath for dealing with that particular problem. When I have needed to return to the practice after long breaks I have been warmly greeted as a person rather than just another patient. My medical history has been retained and it has not been necessary to have to spend time repeating myself. The receptionists are pleasant and most helpful when it comes to arranging appointments. I would have no hesitation in recommending this Practice to anyone who wishes to try Osteopathy rather than any medication or more invasive treatment."



From the very first appointment with Joanna, I felt totally confident that she knew what the problem was and the treatment that would be needed.  I had regular appointments, quite close together at first, becoming more widely spaced as my back steadily improved.  I now attend four times a year and these visits keep me pain-free and able to pursue a busy, active life. I have sent several friends to BOP and they have, without exception, been totally happy with the result.



First seen at 6 weeks when he would fit on the pillow. Now aged 16, his feet dangle off the end of the couch. Joanna continues to work her magic. Thank you!



I came to Joanna Hyne as a teenager for migraines I had been suffering all my life. I was taking a chance on osteopathy after nothing else had done the trick. But after a course of treatment I was better. I haven’t had a migraine since…almost 20 years on! Thank you for changing my life!



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